Ethiopia: State – Sponsored Terrorism and Military Brutality in Oromia

HRLHA Urgent Action
August 17, 2016

Ethiopia, a UN Human Rights Council member since 2011, and an elected member of the UN Security Council as of 2017 is committing state- sponsored terror against the Oromo nation in violation of the UN Human Rights Council responsibility for the promotion and protection of all human rights and the UN Security Council responsiblities for maintaining international peace and security as well as the human rights treaties it has signed and ratified.
The government- trained and highly funded Agazi force shot Gebeyehu Jalata, a medical doctor, several times at his personal clinic in East Wallaga Nekemt town on August 6, 2016 while he was allegedly treating wounded protestors at his clinic. Dr. Gebehu Jalata was taken to the Nekemt hospital for treatment and died on August 15, 2016 .
The Agazi killing squad also invaded Mr. Hora Fajisso’s home- he is a farmer in East Showa Zone Adami Tulu district, Batu town- and murdered him in his bed in front of his three children and his wife at 5:00 am on August 16, 2016.
During the grand nationwide Oromo nation protests on August 6,2016, the Agazi force killed at least 70 people and arrested tens of thousands of others in Oromia Regional State.
The August 6, 2016 massacres of Oromo raised the total number of Oromos murdered since the protests started in November 2015 to over 700.
Awaday town in East Hararge Zone, Nekemt town in East Wallaga zone, Adaba town, West Arsi zone and Dodola town, Bale Zones were the places where many protesters were brutalized on August 6, 2016. Many Oromos have been also killed including in the capital Finfinnee/Addis Ababa city, Adama and Shashamane East Showa zone towns.
Among the Oromos killed on August 06, 2016 the HRLHA reporters managed to get the names of the following 65 people

No Name Sex Occupation Zone Locality Killed
DD/MM/YY Killed by
1 Abde/Haylee Ismo M West Arsi Adaba 06-08-16 Agazi
2 Abdallaa Mohammed M East Harageh Qobboo
3 Abda Jiloo M West Arsii Asaasaa
4 Abdii Daawud M East Harageh Kombolchaa
5 Abdisaa Tolaa M West Arsii Asasaa
6 Abdulsalam Milkeessaa M East Harageh Qarsaa
7 Abdusalam Ahmed/shekko M East Harageh Haroo Maayaa
8 Abdushakuur Dhaqqabaa M East Harageh Awadayi
9 Afandii Mohammed M East Harageh Haroo Maayaa
Ahmed Aman M West Arsi Adaba 06-08-16 Agazi
10 Ahmed Girboo M East Harageh Quubsaa 06-08-16 Agazi
A. Hakim H/Hedo M West Arsi Adaba
11 Amanu’el Girmaa M Student East Wollega Naqamtee Boordii 06-08-16 Agazi
12 A.Rahiman Umaro M West Arsi Adaba 06-08 -16 Agazi
13 A. Rauf Amana M West Arsi Adaba 06-08-16 Agazi
14 A.Ra’uf Sh/Hasen M West Arsi Adaba 06-08-16 Agazi
15 A. Razaq Mahamed M West Arsi Adaba 06-08-16 Agazi
16 Awwaluu Kadir M West Arsii Asasaa
17 Bahaar Abdii M East Harageh Qobboo
18 Biraanuu Rabbirraa M East Wollega Giddaa Ayyanaa
19 Buxoo Mohammed M west Hargeh Asbot
20 Dassaalee Guddataa M West Harageh Hirnaa
21 Eliyas Teshome M West Shawa Bakkoo
22 Faahmii kadir F East Harageh Adellee
23 Farahan Mohammed M Harar Harar
24 Falmataa Hajii Dibuu M East Arsii
25 Firaol Ogina M East Wollega Najo
26 Gabii Nabii M Arsii Muneessaa
27 Dr. Gebeyehu Jalata M Wallaga Nekemt 15-08-16 Agazi
28 Hadhaa Shammee F East Harageh Awadayi
29 Hora Fajisso M East Shwa Adami Tulu/Batu 16-08-16 Agazi
30 Huseen Hajii M West Arsi Asasaa
31 Ibsaa Ibraahim Muummee M East Harageh Awadayi
32 Ibsaa Ibrooshe M Dire Dhawaa Dire Dahawaa
33 Idiris Kade M West Arsi Adaba 06-08-16 Agazi
34 Jamal Abdallaa M West Harageh Hirnaa
35 Jamal Haruun M West Harageh Hirnaa
36 Jamal Hasen M West Arsi Adaba 06-08-16 Agazi
37 Jamal Leenjiso M West Arsi Adaba 06-06-16
38 Jamal Mohammed M East Harargeh Awadayi
39 Kadir Abdurhamaan M East Harageh Awadayi
40 Kadir Mohaammed M East Hargeh Awadayi
41 Kamal Abdulqadiir M West Arsii Asasaa
42 Kidane Garoma M Kake
43 Mahaadii Usman M East Harageh Dhangaggoo
44 Mahmuush Biraanuu M Waliso Walisoo
45 Melese Teshome M East Wollega Naqamtee 05 06-08-16 Agazi
46 M.Husen Hebbo M West Arsi Adaba 06-08-16 Agazi
47 Mohamed Isma’el M West Arsi Adaba 06-08-16 Agazi
48 Mohammed Ibroo M West Harageh Hirnaa
49 Mohammed Yuyyaa M East Harageh Awadayi
50 Musxafaa Muhamednur M West Wollega Gimbii
51 Muhamed Sa’ido M West Arsi Adabva 06-08-16 Agazi
52 Muhamed Kade M West Arsi Adaba 06-08-16 Agazi
53 Muktar Ibrahim M West Arsi Adaba 06-08-16 Agazi
54 Mustafa Yuna M West Arsi Adaba 06-08-16 Agazi
55 Naasiruu Adam M West Harageh Asaboot
56 Rashid Indris M East Harageh Awadayi
57 Saamiyaa Ahmed F East Harageh Awadayi
58 Saladhiin Shakiim M East Harageh Qobboo
59 Sardaa West Shewa Mogor
60 Seyifu Husen M West Arsi Adaba 06-08-16
61 Tajudin Kadiro M West Arsi Adaba 06-08-16 Agazi
62 Taarikuu Dabalaa M East Wollega Naqamte 06-08-16 Agazi
63 Tolasa Wakjira M East Wollega Leeqa Dullacha
64 Usman Xasallaa M West Arsii Asaasaa
65 Wakjira Terefa M East Wollega Leeqa Dullacha

The HRLHA calls upon governments of the West, the UN Human Rights Council and the UN Security Council, of which Ethiopia is a member, and all local, regional and international human rights agencies to condemn the barbaric actions of the Ethiopian government against its citizens and to demand that Ethiopia pull back its killing squad and allow a neutral body to investigate the human rights atrocities in Oromia.
Some pictures that shows the brutality of Ethiopia’s Agazi Killing Squad
Warning: Too Graphics!!

Samia Ahmed Hassan Killed in Awaday, East Harageh

Abdalla Mohammed Qobo, East Harargeh

Abda Jilo Asasaa West Arsi

Mustafa Mohammednur Gimbi West Wollega

Abdii Daawid who was tortured and killed by Agazi forces in Kombolcha district, Malka Rafu town, East Hararge on 7 August 2016. Abdi was arrested from his home on 6 August 2016 night and taken to jail where he was tortured and killed on the hands of the tyrant military forces.

Sardaa…. Mogor West Shewa

Kidane Garoma, killed in Kake

Melese Teshome Killed in Neqemte Kebele 05

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