Ethiopia: Ambo under Siege, Daily Activities Paralyzed HRLHA Urgent Action

13 May, 2014.
The brutal attempts of crackdown against Oromo protesters by the Agazi Special Squad continuing unabated in different parts of the regional state of Oromia, reports coming from Ambo in central Oromia indicate that the town and its surrounding has come under virtual seizure by the Agazi Federal Armed Force, daily movements and activities becoming almost impossible.
According to information obtained by HRLHA (this morning) form its correspondents, the Agazi Special Squad has been deployed in Ambo Town and its surrounding in much larger number than before and engaged in indiscriminately kidnapping the local people from along the streets and throwing them into detention centres in the area. There are also reports of widespread rapes being committed against female detainees.
Although the protests against the plan to annex some central small towns of Oromia into the Capital Addis Ababa/Finfinne have been involving Oromos from all walks of life, age and gender, the prime targets have been the youth, university, college, and high school students in particular. Since the protest started in different parts of the regional state of Oromia two weeks ago, more than 50,000 (fifty thousand) Oromos have been arrested and detained from Ambo, Gudar, Tikur Inchini, Ginda-Barat, Gedo, and Bakko-Tibe towns in West Showa Zone of Central Oromia alone, Apart from along the streets in cities and towns, especially students are being picked up even from dormitories and classrooms on universities and college campuses. Reports add that there have been around twenty(40) extra-judicial killings so far that have resulted from brutal actions against unarmed and peaceful protesters by armed forces.
Ever since the violence against Oromo protesters started two weeks ago, and following the release of its first urgent action over the incidents, the Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA) has been monitoring the situation through its correspondents in the region; and has been able to obtain some of the names of the Oromos (students and others) who have so far been killed, kidnapped or arrested, and detained or disappeared. There are also cases of beatings and wounds or injuries inflicted on some of the protesters by the heavy-handed federal armed force. The names are listed below:
Partial List of arrested Students from Addis Ababa University May 11, 2014

1 Abebe gadafa 12 Lataa Olani
2 Alamayo Taye 13 Melaku Girma
3 Gaddisaa dabalee 14 Mulata Eliyas
4 Gamada Dhidhita 15 Nigusie Gammada
5 Gudata Wakne 16 Nigusie Yoosef
6 Guddina 17 Sisay Safara
7 Indalu Yigezu 18 Taye Teshome
8 Jabessa ekele 19 Teshome Ararsa
9 Jamal Usman 20 Waqo Roba
10 Jilo Kamew 21 Yaatanii Utukan
11 Kebede Guddata

May 11, 2014 Arrestees from different universities in Oromia
No Name Department Institute Name
1 Abebe Taddese Political Science Addis Ababa University
2 Chala Dirriba Dirre Dawa University
3 Lencho Electrical & Computer Engineering Adama University
4 Fawaz Ahmed Usman Mechanical Engneering Adama University
5 Obsa Jawar Management Adama University

Partial list of Oromos killed by Agazi Armed Force of the Federal Government
Nr. NAME SEX Birth Place Occupation Academic institution Place of execution
1 Ababa Kumsa M student Wallaga
2 Abdii Kamaal M student and Krate Trainer Gudar Gudar
3 Abdiisaa Guutuu M 9 years old teenager – Gudar
4 Abdiisaa Fiixee Bussinessman Gudar
5 Abdisa Nagasa M student Wallaga
6 Alamnee Bayisa Tashoomee M 9th grade Ambo Ambo
7 Alamayyoo Hirphasaa M 9th grade Ambo Ambo
8 Alemaayyoo Urgeessaa M Farmer Gudar Gudar
9 Baayisaa Soorii M
10 Biikkolee Dinqaa M
11 Biqilaa Belay M Merchant – Ambo
12 Bultii Yaadasaa M Jibaat Techinical student Shanaan
13 Darejjee M Kebele Milisha – Ijaajjii
14 Falmata Bayecha M Medicine 5th year Jimma Jimma
15 Galana Adaba M Governance 3rd year Jimma Jimma
16 Getachew Darajie M Governence 3rd year Jimmaa Jimma
17 Geetahuun Jiraataa M Junior Secondary school Gudar Gudar
18 Geetuu Urgeessaa M student Ambo
19 Gexe Tafari F student Wollega
20 Gurmuu Damxoo M Junior Secondary school Gudar Gudar
21 Gosomsaa Baayisaa M Farmer – Ambo
22 Haacaaluu Jaagamaa M Jibaat Shanaan
23 Husen Umar M Uni student Jimmaa Jimma
24 Indaalee Dessaalenyi M Ambo Diplom holder, Bajaji driver Ambo Ambo, 01 Kebele
25 Indaalee Lammeessaa M 9th grade student Ambo Ambo
26 Isra’el Habtamu M Uni student Jimma Jimma
27 Kebbedee Boranaa M Ambo
28 Kumalaa Guddisa M Tikur Incini 10th grade Gudar Gudar
29 Maammush Gaaddiisaa M Busssinessman – Gudar
30 Mammush Guutuu M 11 years old teenager – Gudar
31 Naasir Tamaam M Driver Gudar
32 Nagaasaa Lameessaa M Farmer oromo elder of 80 years old Ambo
33 Olmaan Biinagdee M Ganjii Gooree Farmer, 75 years Oromo elder – Ambo
34 Taddasee Gashuu M Waddeessaa,
Ambo Liibaan Machaa J.S.School Ambo Ambo
35 Tashome Dawit M Uni student Wallaga
36 Zabana Barasa M Governance 3rd year Jimma Jimma

Partial list of injured or wounded protestors

Nr. NAME sex Occupation Academic institution Region Date
1 Abrhaam Suufaa M 12th grade student Ambo Ambo
2 Balaayi Kuusaa M Midaa Qanyii Ambo 01.05.2014
3 Baayisaa Obsaa M Midaa Qanyii Ambo 01.05.2014
4 Baqalee Itichaa M
5 Bitamaa Baayisaa M 7th grade Ambo Ambo
6 Darrasaa Ayyaanaa M Midaa Qanyii Ambo 01.05.2014
7 Geetuu warquu Ambo
8 Gonfaa Mul’isaa M Bajajii driver Ambo
9 Kasaahun Aseffaa M Ambo
10 Miidhaksaa ijiguu M Bussinesman Ambo
11 Misgaanaa Mammuyyee Ambo
12 Roobee Beenyaa M Ambo
13 Shallamaa Caalasaaa M High School student Midaa Qanyii Ambo
14 Shantamaa Qanaa’aa M Ambo
15 Sintaayoo Mirreessaa F 5th grade student Addis ketema, Ambo
16 Taaddalaa Tsagaayee M 9th grade student Ambo High School Ambo
17 Warquu ijjiguu M Bussinesman – Ambo
18 Zarihuun Urgeessaa M Ambo

Partial list of indiscriminately arrested or kidnapped and detained protestors
Below is the list of some of the estimated 50,000 Oromos picked up and detained from different towns in West Showa Z0ne:

Nr. Name Sex Occupation Place arrested
1 Ababaa Moosisaa M Tikur Incini
2 Alamayyoo Irreessoo M Was ONC Elected member of Oromia regional in 2005 Ambo
3 Ashannaafii Buusaa M 12th grade student Ambo
4 Agidoo Waqjiraa M Midaa Qanyii high school Ambo
5 Ayyaantuu Dagaagaa F Merchant of cultural dresses Ambo
6 Baqqaluu Gidaada F Ambo
7 Baayiluu Mallasaa M Gudar School Gudar
8 Bilisee Indaaluu F High school student Midaa Qanyii
9 Biraanuu Addunyaa M High school student Tikur Incini
10 Burgudee Araarsaa F Highschool student Ambo
11 Caalchisaa Aanaa M Preacher Midaa Qanyii
12 Caalaa Baayisaa M With his 5-family member Ambo
13 Camadaa Jaalataa M Farmer Midaa Qanyii
14 Dagguu Takkaa M Elementary J.S. School, 8th grade Addis Ketama-Ambo
15 Dammee Taddasaa F Ambo
16 Dararaa Galataa M High school Student Midaa Qanyii
17 Darrasaa Guutataa M Farmer Midaa Qanyii
18 Dawuti Raggaasaa M 9th grade student Liiban Maccaa Ambo
19 Dheeressaa Tarfaa M Bussinessman Gudar
20 Dhibbaa Tutishaa M Assistant driver Ambo
21 Gadaa M Ambo uni student Ambo
22 Gechoo Dandanaa M High school student Midaa Qanyii
23 Getaachoo dandanaa M Businessman Gudar
24 Goobanaa Abarraa M High school student Midaa Qanyii
25 Goobanaa Tolasaa M Tikur Incinni
26 Gonfaa Dhaabaa M Bussinessman Ambo
27 Gudinaa Abarraa M High school student Midaa Qanyii
28 Iddeessaa Magarsaa M Chairperson for Waqqeffata for Ambo area Amboo
29 Lachiisaa Fufaa M Tikur Incinni
30 Lateeraa shallamoo M Tikur Incinni
31 Mallasaa Kabbadaa M Bussinessman Ambo
32 Mootummaa Tasfaayee M Tikur Incinni
33 Nagarii Dhaabaa M Ambo
34 Qanaa’aa Chuuchee M Employee of KFO Ambo
35 Salamoon Dhaabaa M 11th grade student Ambo
36 Shallamaa caalaa M Gudar
37 Shallamaa Caalasaaa M High School Student Midaa Qanyii
38 Shallamaa Diroo High School Student Midaa Qanyii
39 Taaddasaa Misgaanaa M Tikur Incinni
40 Taamiruu Caalsisaa M Tikur Incinni
41 Tammiree Caalaa Employee of youth and Sport commission Caliyaa Geedoo
42 Tamasgeen Abarraa M Bussinessman Ambo
43 Tasfayee Daksiisaa M High School Student Midaa Qanyii
44 Tolaa Geeddafaa M High School Student Midaa qanyii
45 Wabii Xilaahuun M Ambo university 3rd year Ambo

HRLHA calls up on the Ethiopian Government to:
1. Immediately stop the racial and discriminatory violence against Oromos, and bring the culprits toJustice
2. Unconditionally release the detained Oromo students and facilitate the resumption of normal classes;
3. Reverse the decision of the plan and present it for discussion and consultations to the concerned Oromo People, and obtain their consents;
4. Compensate all loses and damages that resulted from the brutal actions of its armed forces.
HRLHA also calls up on regional and international diplomatic, democratic, and human rights agencies to challenge the Ethiopian TPLF/EPRDF government on its persistent brutal, dictatorial, and suppressive actions against innocent and unarmed civilians who are attempting to exercise some of their “said-to-have-been-granted” democratic rights.

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