Ethiopia: TPLF’s Leaders Arrogance and Contempt: Inviting Further Bloodshed and Loss of Lives

HRLHA Statement February 23, 2015 Since the downfall of the military government of Ethiopia in 1991, the political and socioeconomic lives of the country have totally been controlled by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front/TPLF leaders and business institutions. As soon as the TPLF controlled Addis Ababa, the capital city, in…

ETHIOPIA: Flagrant Human Rights Abuse against Oromo Nationals Continues

HRLHA Urgent Action Feb 01, 2015 For immediate Release It is cruel, brutal and inhumane to hang any person for any wrongdoing particularly in Ethiopia, a country that claims democracy is its core principle of governance. The execution of Ketama Wubetu and his friend by Ethiopian solders- by hanging on…

Claiming Human Rights – in Ethiopia

Claiming Human Rights – in Ethiopia The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is a member of the United Nations and the African Union. It has ratified many UN Human Rights Conventions (compare list on the right) and thus has made binding international commitments to adhere to the standards laid down…

Ethiopia: Media Being Decimated

Legal, Policy Reforms Crucial Prior to May Elections JANUARY 22, 2015 (Nairobi) – The Ethiopian government’s systematic repression of independent media has created a bleak landscape for free expression ahead of the May 2015 general elections, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. In the past year, six…

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HRLHA’s Oral Statement at UN HRC 34th Session, March 15, 2017, Geneva

Human Rights Crisis in Ethiopia

HRLHA 8th Anniversary May 9, 2015, Toront, Canada


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